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Recently, the Chinese instruments industry association analysis instrument association analysis instrument industry "1025" planning seminar was held in Beijing, from universities, research institutes, domestic analysis instrument industry backbone enterprises in 20 people attend seminars industry experts.

The meeting summarized during the 11th five-year plan analysis instrument industry development and achievements. And 1025: ", "the analysis instrument industry to improve to new steps to strengthen overall enterprise core manufacturing ability, strengthen enterprise, is established between enterprise and scientific research institutes, breakdown or combination of alliance joint development area, the product of high-end analytical instrument industry in China to improve the status in international trade. "

The biennial exhibition in Shanghai chemical analysis of Munich on September 15th at Shanghai new international expo center opening, food safety is the focus of analysis of biochemical exhibition application, from 22 countries and regions of 468 exhibitors will bring the latest scientific instruments and sophisticated analytical technology, provides the omni-directional laboratory technical solutions. Exhibitors are north and Shanghai jing, Shanghai scientific instruments such as local enterprise, copper, gold agilent selmer, Merck, the island of tianjin etc ZongCan overseas exhibitors 40% of exhibitors.

"This exhibition in China reflects the laboratory analysis, technical and biochemical technology in strengthening the importance of", the analysis test association routinedirector efforts, China has in recent years league analytical instrument market remains rapid development momentum, according to the relevant statistical analysis instruments, in 2006 China market of total sales of $billion, for $23.1 in 2009, predict 2010 for 25.2 billion dollars in 2012, total sales in 2006 will be three times.

In recent years, China's scientific instruments on the increasing demand. According to statistics, China trillions of dollars every year equipment in fixed asset investment, 60% of dependence on imports, our r&d spending billions of dollars more than 25% () is used to purchase scientific instruments, Other industries such as quality, environmental, health, agriculture and other areas of science instruments, the demand is also growing, China market has already become the multinational companies competing for the instrument heavily.

China's 11th five-year plan in 2010 GuanZhiNian charge, also 1025 plan of the state plan, plan for education reform years research equipments and request, the domestic scientific instruments and equipment manufacturers both opportunities and challenges, we must seek to know while in change. Let our scientific instruments industry in next five years plan is a good start.

Product demand structure change significantly. Instrumentation field involving many products, industrial automation instrument and control system remains high growth in big industry, 34%, reflect production in China is still in energy, heavy industry high-speed development, but the increase year-on-year drop, 38% of electric field of application, metallurgy, etc. The structural adjustment has Environmental monitoring instrument, reflect a year-on-year growth of 40%, saving on demand. Optical instruments, meters and test enginery, supply with special geological prospecting and seismic instruments, teaching instruments industry average growth remains. Electrician instruments, surveying and mapping instruments, experimental analysis instruments, meters, car navigation, meteorological Marine instrument, nuclear measurement instruments, electronic surveyinginstrument and chronometric instruments, weighing apparatus, medical instruments such as the industry average below, partial product demand too smooth, productivity, Some products technology gap, the middle-grade product market was imported products, structural adjustment problems occupied.

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Analysis Instrument Industry

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This article was published on 2010/10/13