Arousing Kids Interest in Musical Instruments

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Kids show interest in musical instruments at an early age. It is up to parents and educators to help them grow this interest.

The first thing to do is to give the kids a basic knowledge about the musical instruments and explain to them about the different categories:

• Percussion instruments
• Woodwinds instruments
• Brass instruments
• String instruments
• Keyboard instruments

A good way to learn about these instruments is to do a little research with the kids. Look up the information about the musical instruments in the dictionary and browse the web to see pictures, learn the names of the instruments and read about the features. In addition to this, print the pictures in order to be used in another step of the learning process.

Once pictures are printed, ask the kids to sort them based on the categories and write down the name of each instrument. If they need help during this process, you will need to help them or check online for the information. Play with the kids guessing games to make it more fun.

The next step would be to listen to each musical instrument separately and identify the sounds of the instruments. This can be done in a fun and exiting way in order to keep the kids focused and enjoying the experience. Once the kids become familiar with the sounds and can identify the instrument, start to listen to bands and identify the different instruments the band is using.

Ask the kids to tell you about the instruments they loved most and the reason they are interested in. Coordinate with the music instructor at school to show them the different instruments and to explain about the features. Whenever possible, take the kids to music concerts.

All these steps will be helpful to do before you ask a kid to sign up for music lessons.

Finally, learning to play a musical instrument should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Arousing Kids Interest in Musical Instruments

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This article was published on 2010/04/02