How Important A Cover For Your Instrument Is

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You can appriciate the significance of a piano cover by looking at how known celebrities and artists were to develop this amazing passion not only for their pianissimo but for the screen that they use on their prized possesion as well. It has been proven clearly how significant thse coverings are not only for us but also for known celebrities and personalities.


The piano cover is one of the essentials that each of us must have if we truly care for our prized musical instrument. It is also important that you have piano bench covers as well especially when your instrument is on public display or when it is regularly used by more than one person. Those that are left unprotected by a piano bench cover generally deteriorate faster than those with proper covering. If you are going to use the prescribed protective wrap for your musical instrument, you also provide the needed protection from dust, moisture and scratches due to accidental contact of sharp objects. This is just a small investment but the benefits it provides are enormous. If you want to extend itsservice life, then one of the basic things that you must do is to buy the appropriate covering material.


The importance of these protective wraps for is affirmed by no less than renowned pianists and celebrities who are particularly fastidious when it comes to their prized possessions. Known celebrities whom we have come to associate with great performances are very particular in using these protective wrap for their instruments. Those who have genuine passion and strong attachment with their musical instrument even go to the extent of customizing their protective screen. A good example is Billy Joel. This music icon is not only known for his musical masterpieces and amazing performances. He is also remembered for his signature screen that has the popular label -The Piano man - on it. It also has other distinct characters which represent special people and events throughout the singing career of this iconic music artist.


Other known artists who have learned about this interesting facet in the life of Billy Joel have also been bitten by the same practice. Soon enough, a lot of them started to showcase their personalized protective blanket which became their own trademark. This included Mick Jagger who had the distinct and famous tongue and lips emblazoned on the covering of his pianoforte. This famous Mick Jagger trademark was initially displayed in the 1971 album release of the Rolling Stones. It later became one of the most popular logos of all time.


Other interesting stories about serious attachments to their pianoforte screen worth mentioning, include that of Paul McCartney. Paul was known to have a wide collection of wraps which were personally handled by his late wife Linda. Linda has personally developed the design of almost all of the coverings that were used. Each of these coverings hold a quaint memory about their relationship and most of these screens are bought in different parts of the globe.


Other known personalities who also have their coverings customized include Elton John and Liberace. Liberace is best remembered for having the most expensive covering. Consistent of his being a showman, his screen is studded with rhinestones and sparkles.


This does not mean that the overlays for the piano are strict domains of the rich and the famous. You, too, must have your own set of overlays if you really consider your musical instrument your prized possession.


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How Important A Cover For Your Instrument Is

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This article was published on 2010/03/25