Ukulele Cases - Protect Your Treasured Ukulele

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The ukuleles have been around since 1879. There are several accessories for them, which is why caring for them is just one aspect of a musicians job. Of the better accessories, cases are extremely important because they will protect the ukulele from damages caused by tipping or bumping into it. It is important to keep your instrument maintained and the case will make it simpler to keep it maintained by keeping all the necessary parts and accessories right at hand.

It is important to get a ukulele case that fits your instrument properly. You need to measure the total length of your ukulele, Then measure the lower bout (hips) of the instrument and the thickness at the bottom.

The ukulele is the smallest stringed instrument which makes it the most portable. It also makes it more prone to damage from being packed from place to place. A hard case to store it in will save you a lot of time, energy, and money by shielding it from accidental mishaps that you would normally have to repair. It also helps to keep it in tune by providing some protection from humidity and weather.

In 1915 when the ukulele came across the ocean to the United States, the craze began. Everyone had to have one. Their popularity quickly spread across the United States. Then came the Roaring 20's and Tin Pin Alley days. Every young swain had to have a raccoon coat and a ukulele.

Unfortunately, by the year 1910, there was only one original ukulele creator left. Soon after this was realized, and the demand far outweighed the supply, the mainland guitar companies started producing ukuleles. Although there were several companies producing the instruments, they were still being flooded with the orders so all of the producers had work particularly hard to attempt to meet the demand. Chicago was a great manufacturing center for the ukulele. The mail order companies sold thousands of ukuleles.

The ukulele is a great instrument for young and old people because of the weight and size of it. Even young children enjoy picking at the strings and listening to the sound it produces. It is a small and light instrument, which is very nice when you want to travel with it. The popularity of concert ukulele instrumentals has grown to be almost as popular as mainstream ukulele music.

It is very popular to buy a case for your ukulele with the initial purchase because you won't have to tune your ukulele as often as if you didn't have a case. The case will protect your ukulele from suffering any damages from outside sources.

You only have to learn a few chords of your ukulele in order to play. It is a big advantage if you are able to make everyone smile becaue you can not play a sad song on a ukulele.

Keeping all your extra accessories, strings, picks, and music in any one of the fine cases available keeps you organized and ready to head to the next concert or gig in a heartbeat.

The ukulele comes in four sizes, soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukulele. Case are made specifically for each size of instrument and you can still get a case for it and it will be very easy to carry and store your instrument. Even though the Hawaiians didn't originally like the sound that ukuleles produced, it is now the most popular instrument in the Hawaiian Islands and is easier for you to own now more than ever. The early Hawaiians knew the ukulele would never fit into their chants and drumming of their native music. They were wrong.

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Ukulele Cases - Protect Your Treasured Ukulele

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This article was published on 2010/03/31